72 Hours: Boston

It’s currently 3:42 am in Singapore. The entire hostel seems to be asleep as I’m typing away in the common room. It’s our second night here. Jet lag has gotten the best of me. Everyone here is asleep. Whatever adventure they had from the previous day must have wearied them. The cars outside, the sound of rubber against asphalt however, is immutable. A good time to blog and recap our trip so far.

Before Phil and I began our SE Asia journey, we spent roughly five days between Boston and New York City to visit family and friends. Hah, no, actually the flight from New York to Singapore was significantly cheaper than it was to fly from Dallas to Singapore. So we decided to do a little detour, and hit up the cities we know we’d get free accommodation :)

We spent three nights in Boston, saw a lot of Dunkin Donuts and ate a lot of seafood. Well, Phil did, since I’m allergic to shellfish. I did, however get my fair bite at some succulent lobster rolls at Neptune Oyster. Both the buttered kind and the salad kind along with a few variety of oysters. I’ll spare the photos, as we actually gobbled them down before I was able to snap any, you lucky dog you.

Most of the days we were insanely cold. After all, we only packed clothes suitable for the humidity and scalding heat in SE Asia. Plus, the weather in Texas has not prepared us for this sort of cold at all. We would get a cup of hot water to hold in our hands as we roamed about the city.

We left Boston on the fourth morning and made our way up to New York City with Boltbus.

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