Elynn’s packing list for SE Asia

Since we can’t afford to have the airline lose our luggage, we both opted for the carry-on option and packing as light as we think we can. To my surprise, all of our clothes ended up fitting neatly into the packing cubes. While Phil’s carrying most of the clothes and electronics, I will in turn be responsible for all of our travel documents, medicine and toiletries.

Okay, I won’t lie. I over-packed during our test packing runs. I’m still sad about it. About not being able to bring along my polka dotted blouse, a light cardigan, and a dress for the wedding Phil and I will be attending in Vietnam. I also wanted to bring another pair of shoes, my flat iron, the Naked Palette and dry shampoo for the days we don’t have access to showers. *grunts*

The most difficult part when it comes to what to bring for a long-term backpacking trip, is to realize the lighter we pack, the more we will get to see. Which is the main reason why we’re traveling to see the world in the first place. And most of all, we definitely do not want to spend our precious time inside the hostels, moaning about body aches and smelling like old folks drenched in tiger balm from packing too heavily. Also, if we really do need anything, we can always buy as we go.

A peek at my under garments.

Tops and a messenger bag.




  • 2 × Patagonia Active Cami
  • 3 × Patagonia Barely Bikini
  • 1 × Patagonia Barely Bra
  • 1 × rain jacket
  • 1 × lightweight active zip up hoodie
  • 2 × cotton s/s shirt
  • 2 × cotton l/s shirt
  • 1 × day dress / beach cover up
  • 1 × swimsuit
  • 2 × shorts
  • 1 × yoga leggings
  • 1 × convertible long pants


  • FAB Ultra Repair Cream
  • Lancôme Crème Radiance clarifying cleanser
  • Laneige Snow BB Cream SPF 41+
  • Benefit Boi-ing concealer
  • Anastasia eyebrow pencil
  • Smith’s rosebud salve in a tube
  • free sample sized toiletries and what nots

There was a long internal debate for me between the Patagonia and ExOfficio base-layers since both have great reviews. But I ended up splurging on the Patagonia camis. They felt much softer and it also offered a more supportive built in shelf bra than the ExOfficio ones. After all, I won’t be packing any of my regular underwire bras, since they’re so bulky from the extra ‘push-up’ material and not to mention, they are definitely not quick drying enough for the humidity in SE Asia. As for shoes, since they take up the most space, I went for a multi-sport minimalist shoe that would also serve as a water shoe instead of getting Chacos. Plus, have you seen the signature Chacos tan lines from their sandals!? :)

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