First day in Singapore

When we first landed in Singapore. Phil and I were both ecstatic beyond terms. I mean, at the moment, it seemed unreal that all of this was happening; that we were standing inside the Chiangi International Airport and about ten thousand miles away from the land we both call home.

Now, we’re already two weeks into our four month journey. We’ve stayed in three hostels. We have been to two countries. We have also met great travelers from all parts of the world, each with their own story, their own purpose for traveling. And yet, Phil and I are still trying to get used to the new surrounding. I guess when you’re traveling for such a long time, and on the go to a new city every few days, you sometimes feel lost. Restless, even.

But I’m glad to have Phil with me on this journey. I really wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Having someone to share the uncertainty with, having someone to get lost in the streets with, having someone to share the mysterious food that I’ve ordered, having a shoulder to sleep on during the long bumpy bus rides.

Here’s a recap of our first day in Singapore. We were both really tired, so we really didn’t do much.

Jet lag overcame us, and we called it a day after walking briefly around Chinatown. And the following two days were pretty much just the same, us trying to get our sleeping pattern adjusted. So, if you’re traveling for awhile across the globe, I’d advise putting jet lag into your itinerary for the first few days.

We hardly got to enjoy Singapore fully. :(



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