Holidays. New Friends. And Family

So our miniature rosemary Christmas tree never made it to Christmas day. In fact, it started wilting the second day we brought it home, despite our endless efforts in bringing it back to life. It is still sitting on our dresser, browning away as I blog.

December has been an eventful month with tall tales from wonderful strangers, meeting some of the most amazing people, and making new friends. We never would have been able to step out of our comfort zone considering both Phil and I are both introverts. So a big thank you to those who have welcomed us to your homes and celebrations this holiday season.

Is it strange that as I’m older now, I’m starting to really appreciate the time I get to spend with family over the holidays. It may be because my parents have always been overseas, so over the years it had always just been my brother and I celebrating together while mostly everyone else went home to their parents. So the idea of extended family gatherings over the Holidays just never really appealed to me, until now. I don’t know what has changed or when this change happened but I’m gladly embracing it all. And I’m proud to say that I love my extended family, including the ones I hardly see.

As of now, my belly is full off of cookies, cakes, pies, éclairs and our favorite cheap wine. The cats are snoring beside us, our dog is hogging up the space between my wiggling toes and the space heater. Phil is next to me and we’re finishing up our last two rounds of Scramble with Friends and blogging in between turns. All the while humming Christmas carols out loud with bits of lyrics here and there. Life is good. And yet, I cannot wait to leave.

Brunch BLT + egg!

Also, I’ve pre-ordered Studio Ghibli’s  Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Which. Which  I’m beyond ecstatic!  :)

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