Our Pre-trip Expenses.

Lately we’ve been getting emails and comments from people wishing that they could travel long-term as well but they don’t have the funds and time. The truth is, we really don’t have the extra funds as many would think. Considering we’re roughly two hundred thousand dollars in debt from school loans, and a joint savings of about $10,000 in our bank accounts. Though we are fortunate enough to not have any mortgages nor car payments. One day we pretty much woke up and just decided to stop making excuses for ourselves. So we took the plunge and we’re gambling away the last year of our twenties.

Because if not now, then it’s probably never.

One of the main reasons I started this blog is for us to document our all of our experiences as we plan and travel abroad. I wanted to have something to look back on after the trip; to make this whole ordeal seem more of a reality than just rummage of a dream. And of course, also to serve as an alternate entertainment in keeping ourselves busy when we’re stuck in hostels due to inclement weather, or on one of our sick days. As the number of our subscribers and readers grow, Phil and I are now hoping to inspire those like us. We will attempt to document all of our spending as detailed as we can for this trip.

So how much have we spent so far? Here’s a breakdown of our pre-trip expenses.

pre-trip expenses

Backpacking across SE Asia does have many perks and as well as many disadvantages. The best part being that it is dirt cheap and the infinite gratifying yet precarious street vendors. I understand that this particular round the world trip isn’t suited for everyone. I’ve been questioned numerous times as to why we chose the destination. Since most would rather backpack through Central Europe or South America. Or better yet, have a resort type of vacation in Hawaii or Bali. We could’ve easily taken up on a ski trip for a week or two and still end up with money to spare and a job to come back to. Yeah, well, like I said, I’ve always wanted to see the world in its entirety.  :)

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  1. Trust me, you guys are going to have a blast. Not to get all spiritual and what not, but material gratification simply does not measure up to the happiness you get from an experience. And the experience you’ll have in totality from your trip will far, far outweigh a week-long resort stay in some fancy hotel. I’m jealous of the fact that I didn’t end up spending more time in SE Asia when I was there. Anyway, that’s my 2 cents :) Let me know what you end up thinking of India!

    • I totally agree! I wish you could meet us somewhere! Or have known you, Angelo and Will way before our trip! We could have gone as a group! Either way, it truly has been wonderful knowing you guys!
      We didn’t realize applying for a tourist visa for India was going to be so difficult. We’ve been having so many issues with the consulate. We may end up having to cross our camel riding and long sleeper train rides off our list :(

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