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The new year has been unexpectedly chaotic in a good way. And we are now exactly in middle of February. With our India visas being processed somewhere out there in the world at the moment and a few of my possessions being auctioned off on eBay and listed on Craigslist, everything else is well under way. Our days are now filled with packing, boxing, test packing, re-packing…and so on.

As we are inching closer to leaving Texas, we’re now realizing just how unprepared we are. Because even after all of the research, test packing, there is still so much left to finalize, We decided not to renew my insurance for 2013 in order to cut back cost and splurge more on our trip (such as A/C rooms). So before last year ended I was able to stock up and get refills on some necessary prescription medicine for this extended trip. I’ll be our own little moving pharmacy while Phil administers all of the pills with ridiculously long and forgettable names.

Thankfully, yellow fever is not required for the places we’re visiting, so no vaccinations!

Just a partial of our little moving pharmacy.

Important Documents and things.


  • Malarone: A four month prescription for malaria infested areas such as India and northern Thailand. Side effects include hallucinations and vivid dreams!
  • Cipro / Pepto tablets: India gives you diarrhea they say.
  • Loestrin 24 FE: Birth control for six months, because I’m quite positive that Phil would really rather not have to deal with my mood swings, bloating, cramps, tampons during our travels to the rural parts of Asia. Just imagine not being able to wash with clean water. ~D:
  • Hydroxyzine / Triamcinolone: I get itchy from insect bites, pokey stuff and various other things–including myself.
  • Zofran / Dramamine: Motion sickness not to be confused with morning sickness. Slow boats, mini buses, and tuk tuks. For me.
  • Zyrtec / Benadryl / Allegra: For all sorts of allergies. Mostly for me to ease my allergic reaction to insect bites.
  • Prilosec OTC: India gives you heartburn they say.
  • Relpax / Orbivan: Oh, and I also gets debilitating migraines.
  • Advil / Tylenol: For the inevitable aches, pains, fevers, etc..


  • Passport w/ necessary visas: India and Vietnam are the only countries on our itinerary which doesn’t offer visa upon arrival.
  • Extra passport photos: For border crossing.
  • Copy of Travel Insurance: In case of theft, injuries and/or hospital visits while away.
  • Scanned passports: A back up copy in electronic file in case theft. Proof of who we are.
  • Bank cards / Credit card: Safer alternative to having lots of cash in my shoe or travelers cheques.
  • Crisp US Bills: Apparently dingy US bills are not accepted. Used to bribe when in doubt.
  • Journal / Notebook: To include all emergency phone numbers, address of US Embassies overseas and doodles.

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